How To Play WhatsApp Voice Message Without Blue Tick Mark

Tricks To Listen to WhatsApp Voice Message Without Blue Tick Mark

Best App To Disable Voice Message Tick Mark

Some people love the Blue Ticks. Some hate them, so much that they have turned them off because they care for their privacy and don't want people to know when they have read a message. But if you have a friend, or an acquaintance, who has turned off the Blue Tick aka reading Receipt feature and that is something that bugs you a lot, there is a way for you to find out whether your messages are getting read or not. And when the messages are getting read.

How To Use The App

It's little disingenuous, and you won't be able to use it again and again without annoying the person with who you are chatting, but there is a way to find out whether your messages are reaching the person or not. And this way is through the voice message.

Download Opus Player - WhatsApp Audio Search and Organize

WARNING: the app doesn't save the voice notes. If you delete the files from WhatsApp or from a file manager, they can't be recovered by the app.

Opus Player was born as a simple audio player for the opus format, but now it is something more.
As most audio players, you can start it in your file manager, but differently from the others, you can choose the audio output, selecting the main speaker or the earpiece (the speaker for the voice call). It is useful if you don't have a headphone with you.
Opus Player is compatible with most file explorers on Google Play.
Moreover, it provides a lot of features for managing your audio messages such as deleting, sharing and organizing, that make it the best audio manager for WhatsApp's voice notes.


SHARE THE AUDIO ON FACEBOOK: Opus Player is the only app that lets you share audio as a Facebook post, a WhatsApp status or an Instagram story.

CHOOSE THE AUDIO OUTPUT: you can switch your audio output between the standard multimedia and the voice call's speaker. Use it if you have problems with the proximity sensor when using WhatsApp.

USE IT WITH WHATSAPP: if you listen to a voice message through Opus Player, the sender will not know you’ve listened to it. Just long-press on the WhatsApp VNs, press on the share button and select Opus Player.

WHATSAPP VOICE NOTES HISTORY: Opus Player takes a history of all your voice messages, received and sent, and it shows them to you in order of date, giving you the possibility to easily find an old voice note and share it with other apps.

ORGANIZE IN CATEGORIES: you can create a category, giving it a name and an image and associate to it all the audio messages you want. After creating the categories, you can filter the voice notes choosing to show only those belonging to one or more categories. Moreover, you can delete all the voice notes in a category with only one click.

RENAME THE VOICE NOTES: you can change the name to each audio message without worrying about the compatibility with WhatsApp: the name is stored and shown only in Opus Player, without modifying the file, in order to avoid problems while running on WhatsApp.

SET A TEXT NOTE: you can relate each vote to a text note, maybe for summarizing the content of the audio or for taking note of who is the sender.

MULTIPLE SELECTION: you can select multiple voice messages received in a day and you can perform different actions on them:
  • delete
  • share
  • add to a category
  • set an icon
  • set a text note

SELECT THE FOLDER: you can manually select the folder in which Opus Player must search the .opus files. You can select the Telegram folder (Telegram\Telegram Audio\) as well. Just remember to select the "select the ogg files" option, because it uses the .ogg extension instead of .opus, and "use file's date", because it doesn't save the date in the name as WhatsApp does.

Why download Opus Player

  1.  it saves you time when you need to find old voice messages;
  2.  listening to the new received voice notes directly from the app, WhatsApp will not be notified and the blue ticks will not be shown;
  3.  you can share the voice messages on the main social networks: create Facebook and Twitter posts, share on WhatsApp status and on Instagram stories.

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